Winning the public speaking competition

On the day of the auditions to get selected for the upcoming public speaking competition, I was very nervous. I 

Hack- Ed

Leapfrog and the term hackathon were something I heard about but was not familiar with. When it was announced that 


A platform to learn: Adhyayan Talks Today’s Adhyayan Talks marked one of the most memorable experiences, primarily because we had 

Cultivating Reading Habit

Cultivating a reading habit is like opening a door to a world of endless possibilities. It involves regularly engaging with 

Skating Competition in my school

On the first day of sports week, it was the skating competition. Grades 1–6 were allowed to participate in the 

Visit To The Zoo

I love to go to many places and one of them is the zoo. My first time going to a 

स्याउको बोट

   एउटा बारीमा  स्याउको रुख  थियो। रुखले  धेरै  स्याउहरु  दिन्थ्यो। एकदिन एउटा  नराम्रो मान्छेले  रुख  काट्यो। त्यो  रुखमा  एउटा मात्र   

Visit To An Old Age Home 

Firstly I extremely feel proud being a member of Adhyayan Child Club.We child club members fulfilled our commitment by using 


  आमा मलाई  जुन माया तपाईंले दिनुहुन्छ    त्यसैमा  रमाई दिन्छु  म,   ठुलो  भएपछि  संसारलाई अँध्यारोबाट     उज्यालो  छरी  दिन्छु  म ।।  आमाको  

My experience on Chhath Festival 

Chhath is the four-day-long festival celebrated by the Hindu Nepali people in the month of Kartik every year. This festival