About Us

Adhyayan school building
Adhyayan School is the first design thinking and technology focused school in Nepal.  With this approach, the school fosters real life problem solving skills with technical expertise in the students. Adhyayan School focuses on collaborative values and innovative thinking encouraging the “thinking out of the box” outlook in the young minds.
Adhyayan Preschool is the first Reggio Emilia inspired preschool in Nepal. With the majority of top preschools in Nepal following the Montessori inspired activities for kids, Adhyayan preschool focuses on enhancing a child’s learning through real life experiences instead of a fixed curriculum. Adhyayan Preschool motivates the kids to be creative, construct their own ideas and learning with the curiosity to explore.
Here at Adhyayan, we believe that students are most successful when their learning is personalized and students are asked to use their knowledge to improve the world around them. We also believe that students must learn not only academic skills such as literacy and mathematics but also the transferable success skills of collaboration, persistence and innovation. With the motto of “Learn to innovate”, Adhyayan School is infusing design thinking and project-based learning into the school’s culture.
At Adhyayan, we also foster creativity in the students hence one of the major aspects we follow to achieve this is to strengthen their interpersonal exchange. Through creativity we encourage the students to go through multiple experiences, coupled with a well-supported development of personal resources that enriches the students with a sense of freedom to venture beyond the known.
With the manifestation of our approach towards excellence, we strive to become one of the best schools in Nepal.
To learn more about Adhyayan,  download our brochure here.
Welcome to Adhyayan, where we learn to innovate. Every single day.