We are proud to be associated with Adhyayan School, as it is one of those schools which has a vision for their students. The school is focused on overall development of the students and to make them a responsible person and citizen for the society and country.


We are really happy that we chose Adhyayan for our child. The teachers have done an amazing job in teaching as well as guiding the parents in each and every step.

Parents of Nirabh Manandhar


Adhyayan, as the name suggests, has a clear shared vision and team spirit. They provide supporting mentors, and a caring and learning environment with effective management. Both our kids' eagerness to go to school makes us proud of being a part of the Adhyayan family. Thanks to the entire team!

Parents of Shravya and Shreyash Adhikari


Being a parent, I sought a school which is good at providing not only better education but also a better environment where my son and other students do not have to feel that they are left behind. Adhyayan School is the one that I had been seeking for. Till date, I am happy with the progress that my son is achieving with his studies as well as physical activities including dance and art. Hats off to their efforts!

Parent of Pranav Maharjan


We like the design thinking & Leapfrog’s technology approach that Adhyayan is following with the motto - Learn to innovate. We are very satisfied and impressed with what Adhyayan is doing. We feel so fortunate that our children are at Adhyayan and are getting the best learning experience and building a path for their bright future.


Likewise, they are not only learning academic skills such as literacy and mathematics, but also learning transferable success skills of collaboration, persistence and innovation. Our experience with Adhyayan School is very good till date.

Parents of Shiwanee Thapa


Adhyayan has been a great experience for our children and for us as well. Our decision of keeping both our children in Adhyayan has been a good one. We really appreciate the way teachers encourage the students and help them in all the possible ways. This truly has helped our children to understand and excel.

Parents of Leo and Lazana Maharjan


We like Adhyayan because of the developmentally appropriate teaching methodology and co-curricular activities such as games, crafts, music, art and dance. This has made our son Aarvin naturally curious and observant both socially and academically. He is eager to go to school. This shows that the Adhyayan's environment gives and empowers positive vibes amongst the students. We are glad that we have selected Adhyayan for our child.

Parents of Aarvin Shrestha


Adhyayan School has been a good experience for us. This is our daughter’s third year in the school and we have seen good progress in her overall development. The teachers are very supportive and give proper guidance to the students. We are very happy with the teaching and learning process of the school.

Parents of Jayana Shah


We are very much impressed with the teaching technique, which is more focused on improving the students’ intellect and participation by adopting innovative ways rather than making them recite / rote the syllabus to clear the examination. The engagement of the teacher in the class is more for demonstration, explanation, and practical collaboration methods.


We feel that we have made the right decision by choosing Adhyayan for our daughter. We are sure that our daughter will make good progress under the mentorship of the Adhyayan team. We also got the opportunity to have fruitful interaction with most of the teachers during the PTM.

Parents of Maulikata Bajracharya


As parents we are always concerned about our child’s future and we focus on giving them the best education. For this, we have selected Adhyayan School, one of the best schools in town, which has the same values as we were looking for in a school that we can trust. Our daughter is learning as per her interest and is able to grasp whatever is being taught. The techniques used by the teachers are commendable. We appreciate the skilled management of the school and the experienced teachers who are doing all that for the overall development of the children.

Parents of Saanvi Maharjan