Teacher Diaries

I never thought I would be a teacher; in fact, teaching has never been my cup of tea. When I got good grades, I was encouraged to join the Science stream by my parents and teachers, even though I was interested in Journalism and Mass Communication. Things didn’t work out as I had imagined they would, so I moved abroad after I finished my BSc in Microbiology.


I became a mother, thoroughly enjoyed my motherhood and soon after, teaching became a part of my life. This was a turning point in my life as I discovered a new passion. The past few years have been very fulfilling: I have witnessed each student grow, and it is an honor to be a part of each child’s life, to understand the joys and sorrows of each parent sending their child to Adhyayan, to work together and solve life’s problems. I have learned so much about Child-centered learning and care.


Adhyayan, as the name suggests, has not only been a place for me to teach but a place for me to learn, from other teachers and also our Adhyayan kids. I am grateful for Adhyayan and the opportunity to add more colors and brightness throughout my journey.



Mrs. Deepa Lamsal - Middle School Coordinator       

I hold a Master's degree in Education (M.Ed) with a specialization in Nepali. With 8 years of teaching experience in various schools and colleges, I have refined my teaching skills and have adapted pedagogical approaches to meet the student’s unique needs. In my free time, I enjoy reading books to broaden my knowledge and enhance my language skills.


I discovered Adhyayan through online media, attracted by their dedication to quality education and innovative teaching methods, I was drawn to join the organization. Teaching has always been my lifelong dream, influenced by my father's involvement in the education field. I believe in the transformative power of education to shape young minds and make a positive impact. This belief led me to choose the teaching line and fulfill my childhood aspiration.


I am grateful for the opportunity to acquire additional knowledge and insights into teaching methods. The friendly and supportive environment enables me to effectively utilize my expertise and ideas. Being part of a team that values collaboration, innovation, and continuous professional growth is a great privilege. Witnessing the progress of students in a nurturing environment brings me joy and fulfillment as I contribute to their learning journey.



Mrs. Soni Prajapati - Middle School Nepali Teacher   

Everyone in this world has his or her own likes and dislikes. So, is the case of choosing their professions. As a child everybody dreams or talks about their future aim. I was also not exceptional. Teaching had been my childhood dream and I feel that this is one of the most noble professions. In order to make my dream come true, and following the footsteps of my teachers who were also my ideals, I started my teaching career as a tuition teacher so that I could balance both my studies and my passion. I decided to take a break for a year due to personal circumstances. I was ready for the fresh start again. This was the time when I came to know about the vacancies in Adhyayan school which also happened to be in my neighborhood through my relatives and of course social media.


As the name itself suggests, Adhyayan has been a glorious journey since I have learnt a lot since the day I joined here. Wonderful, cooperative and friendly atmosphere from the colleagues make the environment even more marvelous. Moreover, being a part of Adhyayan means being a part of learning new things everyday as it is a technology focused and child oriented school. I feel blessed to be a part of Adhyayan.



Mrs. Sudikshya Gautam - Primary Coordinator/Teacher

I was young when I started teaching. I never thought of it as a career option. I thought I’d hang on until I find something I like doing in my life. But as time passed by, I realized I love being around children and this is the profession that I see myself in. My first teaching experience taught me a lot about what it means to be an educator. Six years in this field has been a beautiful experience for me.


I got to know about Adhyayan through a relative of mine. Working at Adhyayan has been a wholesome experience for me. I got to learn a lot more about technology and I am still learning many things each and every day here at Adhyayan. I’ve met amazing colleagues who have made the working environment even more fun and enjoyable. I feel privileged to be a part of the Adhyayan family.



Rabina Ghale - Grade 2 Teacher

From my previous experience as a teacher in school, I decided to continue teaching and sharing my skills with youngsters who are full of potential and enthusiasm. I was searching for schools where I could teach young students music and I came across the job opening through an advertisement for Adhyayan school on social media. Little did I know, I was about to be a part of this beautiful family of Adhyayan.


I consider myself privileged to work at Adhyayan. The school has a very friendly environment where I can openly share my ideas and opinions. Everybody is open to ideas from any member of the school, which has made me feel comfortable to cope up with the new environment pretty fast. There are lots of things that I learned and experienced here and I have yet to learn more. I love to engage with the young students, teach them how to play different instruments and eventually uncover their true passion. It has been an honor to be a part of the school and contribute to educating students in extra- curricular activities.



Mr. Sujeet Lama Tamang - Music Teacher

Initially I started working for more pocket money but slowly I became attached to this profession. I was offered the post of an English teacher when I was in high school and decided to give it a try and ended up working for 8 years. One reason why I joined school is because I enjoy being with kids and interacting and get to learn a lot from them. Teaching profession makes you more disciplined, responsible,  trustworthy and patient.


My experience in Adhyayan has been wonderful so far. I love the cooperation among the colleagues and the way our management treats us. The working environment is truly praiseworthy. Virtual teaching seemed to be difficult and challenging at the beginning but as I started accepting it as a challenge and started working on it, I got more comfortable and started loving it. Now I am so happy that virtual classes are going on because each day I get to learn a new thing. This situation has actually provided us an opportunity to step out of the comfort zone and prepare ourselves overnight for something that seemed impossible a year back. Virtual teaching has now added confidence in me and I think in every teacher that we can deliver what we know and have to our students in any situation.



Ms. Kabita Tamang - Social Studies Teacher

After graduating from college, I was unsure of what I wanted to do with my life. For some time, I worked with the small children at Mickey's International School. As time went by, I realized that working with small children was the right job for me. Being an educator allows me to continue learning and growing in the field of education. I felt revitalized, content, and satisfied with what I was doing. I continued to teach, not realizing that I spent 15 years as an educator in the blink of an eye.


Then Adhyayan occurred to me. Online classes were going on due to pandemics when I joined Adhyayan. It was a bit difficult in the beginning but  I was able to improve my technical ability and knowledge due to my colleague and the entire Adhyayan staff who helped me in all aspects. I found a good, helpful, and friendly set of colleagues here. The learning and the working environment are simply incredible.



Mrs. Naina K.C. - Pre School Teacher

I found the vacancy announcement post in Facebook through the Founder of Code Chautari, Mr. Amrit Puri for an experimental post of Computer Science and STEAM Lead for Adhyayan School. I gave an informal interview at Code Chautari for the post and finally to Adhyayan School. Along with the process, I found that Adhyayan School was a progressive Design Thinking and Technology focused school.


The working environment at Adhyayan is very comfortable and challenging at the same time. Everyone at Adhyayan respects each other regardless of race or authority. We’ve got a very wise and experienced team of juniors and seniors, who collaborate with each other, push each other for success, share their experiences, and learn from each other. At Adhyayan, we are not only giving a better education to students, but along with that, we are also developing and updating ourselves in applying creative and innovative technologies in education.

Mr Surya Neupane - Design Thinking Lead

I was a homemaker before I got into this field. Teaching was something I did not choose, it actually happened accidentally. Working with children has been easy as I am fond of children. Adhyayan has a different concept and it's the first school in Nepal that adopted Reffio Emilia for preschool. This concept helped me deal with children and guided me well to improve myself in my teaching career.

Prajita Pandey - Preschool Teacher

I enjoy making things appear beautiful, and I love art and craft. My favorite activities are decorating and helping teachers with in-class decorations. I really enjoy being with kids since their pure minds are capable of creating anything and adding value to it. I have transferred to the administrative side of the school because it is my fifth year here and have watched and learned a lot about Adhyayan. Now it is my obligation to ensure that the kids have no trouble getting to and from from school.


What I love about Adhyayan is the working environment here ass we not only divide our work but share our feelings and work towards reaching our goal which is to make things happen on time. It just gives the impression of being a home away from home. After coming here, I also became comfortable with technology. I could never have learned the things I learned while working here from any textbooks or degree. Adhyayan is a great experience, and I'm glad I am part of this journey.

Mrs. Nitu Lama - Admin Support/Librarian

My pathway into the profession is a little unconventional although perhaps in a manner that is becoming less uncommon. I studied Microbiology at NCTS and following years of ordering and expediting for a major knowledge sharing upon graduation, I decided to take the plunge and pursue a long-held thought of a career in teaching. The fact that I could possibly impact a young person’s life is exciting to me. My primary reason why I have decided to pursue this career is because I feel the strong desire to positively influence and educate children. I recognize that patience, understanding, compassion, and sensitivity are essential to this profession which I am wholeheartedly dedicated to provide. Due to the exceptionally beneficial experience of 7 years, I have learned many strategies and methods that will help me flourish as a teacher and in return benefit my students.


Adhyayan has given me the opportunity to learn more about technology which was challenging in the beginning. A year of teaching virtually went by smoothly although there had been many twists and turns along the way but I’ve loved every minute and was worth it. This year will be again a different challenge for me to make my classroom more interactive. Adhyayan has been a wonderful experience and also generated a sense of responsibility towards children and parents. The management people at Adhyayan also gave full freedom to show our creativity and unwanted interruption was not there at all. Overall Healthy work Culture was practiced.



Ms. Tara Shrestha - Primary School (Grade) Teacher

I was working at Sindhupalchowk on a project prior to joining Adhyayan. The project term was coming to an end and it was around that time when I tried my luck, gave interview and got selected at Adhyayan as admin-finance officer. It’s been more than 3 years now since I have been associated with Adhyayan.


My experience at Adhyayan has been wonderful so far. I switched to a completely different industry by joining here. The work is similar but the process and work culture is completely different. I have learned a lot and so far everything is going very well. I am very happy to be a part of this esteemed institution and would like to thank everyone for giving me an opportunity to be a part of it. The team that I work with is also very well coordinated which makes working fun.



Mr. Robin Bista - Admin-Finance Officer

Teaching became my passion as I used to teach and help my friends when I was a student myself. My love for teaching grew with time and finally, I have grown in this field. Adhyayan is a new experience for me, I am learning something new through training, technology, and self-learning tools. I have been applying design thinking and technology while I teach and it has helped me a lot. During this pandemic situation, I got opportunities to learn new tools, methodologies, and pedagogy. I would like to thank Adhyayan School.



Mr. Suraj Tandukar - Department for Mathematics

I was mostly engaged in administration rather than teaching till last year, but this year I got an opportunity to focus fully on teaching. Teaching has been a different experience for me and I am really enjoying what I am doing. Being a teacher I get to plan my activities for the class and teach according to the plan, whereas administration was more demanding and uncertain. I joined this school through a friend's referral. I was completely new to this field and was not confident, but today I can say that Adhyayan School has given me ample opportunities to grow and be confident in what I do. Learning is a continuous process and I am learning new things every day. My overall experience here has been great and I hope the same to continue.



Subash Majhi - Junior Maths Teacher

I am an artist and I graduated in Studio Arts from Kathmandu University. My area of studies has ranged from fine arts to museology. I have been working as an artist and in the educational field engaging the art and children for over 7 years now. Professionally, I have worked as an exhibiting artist and in several visual mediums. I attended art school as I was always interested in visual mediums. So, I continued to engage, explore and learn art practices and discovered teaching art through recommendations from my friends and have been involved in helping students develop art for years.

Adhyayan has been the right place to help students innovate and discover themselves. I am embracing the idea of nurturing the creative mind of the children with art which has been a wonderful experience for me.



Mr. Yajyu Manandhar - Arts Teacher

I was truly captivated by the name "Adhyayan" and it resonates deeply with my pursuit of personal growth and development.


Transitioning from a teaching role, where my focus was on students' growth, to that of a relationship manager has been enlightening. In this capacity, my responsibilities encompass the holistic functioning of the school.This expansion of duties has instilled in me a profound sense of responsibility.


At the heart of my role lies the task of cultivating and nurturing strong bonds with parents. Through empathetic understanding, I decode their unique needs and provide customized solutions that elevate their satisfaction and foster lasting loyalty.


Every day in this capacity is a new chapter of learning, an opportunity to refine my skills and outlook. This experience isn't just professionally fulfilling, it's also a remarkable avenue for personal growth and development, enriching my life's tapestry in unexpected ways.


Sujana Shakya - Relationship Manager/Admin Officer

Education system of Nepal is more focused on curriculum rather than focusing on student's interest and how they can learn. Few schools today have introduced and adapted progressive learning, which is a step towards changing the education system. I feel progressive learning should be emphasized instead of rote learning.

Adhyayan School is more of a progressive learning for the preschoolers and we are planning to expand the concept for the whole school. We are the first and only school introducing Reggio Emilia and also focused on new technology and ideas. Progressive learning can only be effective if the teachers are well trained.

Rose Malla Upadhya - Junior School  Director

Nepalese education system is basically divided into 3 main aspects: Curriculum, Class Activity and Evaluation System. Our main focus should be on the evaluation system, which I feel is not efficient or can say is weaker than other aspects. Education system should be such that students learn to solve the real life problems and not just mug up to get good grades.


Being involved in the education field for more than a decade, I feel education system should be student centered, which can be possible only if the teachers are trained and experienced.



Mr. Sharan Aryal - Senior School Director

I never thought teaching would not just be a profession for me but would become one of the passions of my life after the radio. The only thing that inspires me everyday is that I am a role model to many of the future doctors, engineers, scientists and wonderful human beings who dream to become someone in their future.


Being a teacher I always want my students to be a global citizen, who not only leads but empathizes too. As no one but the teacher can bring the difference in the life of an individual. This is something that I love about being a teacher. MAKING A DIFFERENCE!



Farzana Banu - Primary School English Teacher

नेपाली भाषा साहित्यप्रति मेरो सानैदेखि रुचि थियो। नेपाली भाषा हाम्रो राष्ट्रिय भाषा हो र यस भाषाको संरक्षण र सम्बर्द्धन गर्नु सबै नेपालीहरुको कर्तव्य पनि हो। बिद्यालय तहमा सिकारुहरुलाई कथा ,कविता ,निबन्ध, जीवनी,वादविवाद ,चिट्ठी आदि बिधाहरुको माध्यमबाट भाषिक सीप सुनाइ,बोलाइ ,पढाइ र लेखाइका अभ्यास गराइ दैनिक जीवनमा आइपर्ने नेपाली भाषा सम्बन्धि व्यवहारमा सक्षम बनाउने उद्देश्यले नेपाली विषयको शिक्षण गरिरहेको छु।



Dil Bahadur Bista - Senior School Nepali Teacher

As a grade teacher for grade 1, I have the opportunity to help our children grow and learn through the progressive and project based teaching methodology. Adhyayan is not only a great school but one of the best places to work at. The working environment at Adhyayan is very friendly and I always feel like home when I am here.



Archana Shrestha - Grade Teacher