A Memorable Farewell Program

A memorable moment in life happened at Adhyayan – yes, it was the farewell for Batch 2080. The air was buzzing with happiness and anticipation. We were all getting dressed in our best clothes. School hours were over, and the farewell program was starting soon. We had been looking forward to this evening for a while. Grade 9 students, like me, were busy decorating. Then, Grade 10 students showed up. We were excited to celebrate the end of this big part of their lives.

The event was supposed to happen at ‘Adhyayan Chautari’, but unexpected weather changed our plans. Everyone, including students and teachers, quickly adjusted, and we moved the program to a cozy spot in the school. Soon after, the hosts began the program, and Sanwi gave a beautiful speech to start things off. Our principal, Mr. Sandeep Sharma, also delivered an inspiring speech.

Once the speeches were done, each Grade 10 member was called up one by one to receive tokens of appreciation. The hosts also announced Mr. and Mrs. Adhyayan during the event. After that, it was our turn to perform. We, the Grade 9 students, sang two songs to showcase our singing talents and bid farewell to them. Our performance set a positive vibe for the rest of the evening.

The excitement grew as more students hit the dance floor, moving to the rhythm of different songs. We had worked hard to prepare for this event, and seeing everyone enjoying themselves made it all worth it. We wanted to make the farewell program memorable, and I think we succeeded pretty well. The program remained short and sweet, filled with cherished memories as we planned. After we were done with all the performances, We proceeded towards the cake-cutting ceremony and then had the dinner that everyone was waiting for. The dinner had to be the most delicious in Adhyayan School’s history at least for us. The food met everyone’s expectations and all of us ate till we were full. By the end of the program, the weather got freezing and everyone was shivering. After the dinner, All of us said our last goodbye to all the members of grade 10 and proceeded to our homes.

In conclusion, the farewell program for Grade 10 at Adhyayan School was an unforgettable experience for everyone involved. The rain may have shifted the venue, but it couldn’t dampen our spirits. This memorable occasion will undoubtedly remain etched in the hearts of all who attended, as they bid farewell to the Batch 2080 students and look forward to their future endeavors.

Written by: Aarjan Shrestha

                  Aayan Shrestha.

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