Journal about celebrating “Children’s Day” in the school

14th September 2022 Wednesday Today is Children’s Day. I woke up early in the morning, ate my breakfast, got ready 


In everybody’s life, a father is the best teacher who teaches us about good and evil. Father’s role in our 

Laxmi Puja and Bhaitika

We celebrated sports day in school and after this grand event, we got Tihar holidays. Tihar is a very special 

Dear parents   


Animal Abuse

In the past months the death of animals in captivity have highlighted continuing concerns around conservation. Zoos are entertainment, and 

सानी चरी

सानी चरी रुखबाट उड्छिन्  ट्वाक ट्वाक गरी दाना चुग्छिन् | सानी चरी   मिठो गाउँछिन्  बोलाएपछि  फुरुरु आउँछिन् |              सानी 


यो संसार  देखाउने  महान् मेरी आमा  दु:खकष्ट  सहेर पढ भन्छिन् मेरी आमा | धेरै सिकाउनुहुन्छ मलाई अनुशासनको पाठ  कसरी महान् 


जान्छन् मान्छेहरु काम गर्न खाडी  सोच्दै हुन्छन् चढ्न पाऊ राम्रो गाडी। परिवार र देशलाई छोडेर गयौ त्यहाँ गएपछि धुरुधुरु रोयौ। 


F-16, also called Fighting Falcon, single-seat, single-engine jet fighter built by the General Dynamics Corporation for the United States and 

Class Teacher Day
Art Turner, Hannah Mon, Wed, Fri
Science Morrisey, Anna Sat, Sun
Atletics Turner, Hannah Mon, Wed, Fri
Football Edison, Molley Tue, Wed, Fri
Music Smiley, Barney Tue, Wed, Thu
Art Turner, Hannah Mon, Wed, Fri