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Math Marathon

Adhyayan School has been conducting different CCA programs. 9th December 2019 is also enlisted in one of the memorable days 

Shivapuri Hike

“Everyone wants to reach the peak of success, but all the happiness and growth occurs while you are climbing it.” 

Game Fair by Interact Club

The members of the Interact Club of Adhyayan School have been doing their best to move forward on the activities. So, 

बाल संसार

कोपिला हुन् यी ,साना नानी,बाबुहरु ,फुलेर सुवास छर्नेछन् , पढी लेखी ज्ञानीगुणी बनी ,संसारमै मगमगाउने छन् ।   कलीला छन् 


मेरो साथी कति जाती छौ तिमि सबै भन्दा माथी , साथी तिमि धरै दयालु यसरीनै  हुनु सबैको मायालु,   उसलाई 

Let’s stop this

Not do that, not do this is the lines every girl hears Sweet childhood dreams, life when no one cares 

Girls Trafficking

Locked in a room With a dim light They cannot fight Against the dark night Kept in a dark room 

Nepali Spelling Competition

Our school does not only focus in book’s education but also believes that we have to conduct co- curricular activities 

Tihar: Festival of Lights

Tihar also known as Deepawali is celebrated for five days in Nepal. It is the second biggest Nepali festival. This 

Class Teacher Day
Art Turner, Hannah Mon, Wed, Fri
Science Morrisey, Anna Sat, Sun
Atletics Turner, Hannah Mon, Wed, Fri
Football Edison, Molley Tue, Wed, Fri
Music Smiley, Barney Tue, Wed, Thu
Art Turner, Hannah Mon, Wed, Fri