Visit To The Zoo

I love to go to many places and one of them is the zoo. My first time going to a zoo was when my school took our class as a field trip. I was very  excited because it was my first time. We had places to visit in the zoo. We saw many animals like hippo, tiger, crocodile etc. Me and my friends were very scared when we saw the crocodile, even if it was not moving at all. We saw a hippo swimming in its pool very gracefully. We also saw a lion sleeping in its cave. There was also a playground where we could play. All of my friends and I wanted to play. Then we all ate our food. We also shared and ate each other’s food as our teacher told us to. It was very fun going to the zoo with my friends. I hope I can go there again. We learned many things about animals that day. 

Yuna Shrestha 

Grade 4 B              

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