Skating Competition in my school

On the first day of sports week, it was the skating competition. Grades 1–6 were allowed to participate in the competition. I was very excited to be selected. All the house members were cheering for their respective teams. I was representing the Yellow House. Along with me, Bhaivab was also in Yellow House. Our coach asked us to be ready with our skating gear. The competition took place grade-wise. When grade 4 was announced, I was a little nervous.There were three laps. We skated on the basketball court. I came first in every round, but I was not expecting to be first in the last round. My house teachers and friends were cheering a lot. My friend Bhaivab came in second, and Raman came in third. It was such a wonderful experience. As I love skating, I will work harder and continue to practice.

Pranav Maharjan 

Grade 4 B

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