Cultivating Reading Habit

Cultivating a reading habit is like opening a door to a world of endless possibilities. It involves regularly engaging with books, articles, or any written material that sparks curiosity and interest. This habit not only enhances knowledge but also sharpens the mind and nurtures creativity.Reading is a journey that transcends time and space, allowing individuals to explore different cultures, historical periods, and fantastical realms. It opens the mind to diverse perspectives, fostering empathy and understanding. Moreover, a reading habit improves language skills, vocabulary, and critical thinking abilities.

We, the students of grades 8, 9, and 10, were taken to a session by our senior director, Mr. Sharan Kumar Aryal, on cultivating reading habits and their implications in our lives.

Sharan sir emphasized that developing a reading habit goes beyond the acquisition of knowledge; it is a key to unlocking the doors of imagination and expanding one’s horizons. He also highlighted how reading acts as a mental exercise, keeping the mind active and nimble, and how it significantly contributes to improved cognitive abilities.

Practical tips on cultivating a reading habit were generously shared during the session. From setting aside dedicated time for reading to creating a cozy reading space, these insights provided actionable steps to transform intentions into habits. The session also emphasized the importance of starting small and gradually increasing reading time, making it accessible and achievable for individuals of all ages.

Sharan sir encouraged us to explore diverse topics, fostering a love for both fiction and non-fiction. He also stressed that the beauty of a reading habit lies in its flexibility—there is something for every taste and interest.

The impact of reading on language proficiency was another significant aspect discussed. The session underlined how regular exposure to well-written text enhances vocabulary, comprehension, and communication skills. As we listened, it became evident that a strong reading habit is a foundation for success not only in academic pursuits but also in various aspects of personal and professional life.

Moreover, Sharan sir touched on the role of technology and the digital age in shaping reading habits. They discussed how e-books, audiobooks, and online platforms have made literature more accessible than ever. The session encouraged a healthy integration of technology into reading routines, leveraging its advantages without compromising the essence of the reading experience.

In conclusion, attending the session on reading habits was a catalyst for personal reflection and positive change. It not only reinforced the significance of incorporating reading into daily life but also provided valuable insights and strategies to make this transformational habit a permanent part of our routine. As we left the session, we felt inspired and equipped to embark on a journey of literary exploration, confident in the knowledge that the benefits of a robust reading habit extend far beyond the pages of a book

  • Grade 10 students
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