Visit To An Old Age Home 

Firstly I extremely feel proud being a member of Adhyayan Child Club.We child club members fulfilled our commitment by using the money raised from the Adhyayan Fare-2080 spreading joy and happiness amongst an old age home Matatirtha Briddhashram located at Chandragiri.

We decided to spread happiness amongst those parents who are far away from their home. We donated daily essentials, products,foods and some clothes. Matatirtha Briddhashram has been a home for elderly  women who don’t have families to look after them.

We conducted  Adhyayan Fare 2080 and raised some amounts so we can help elderly people who are far away from their home and spread happiness before Nepal’s one of the biggest festivals (Dashain).

Our mentors Ms Kabita Tamang  and Ms Shantilaxmi Rajbahak really supported us and without them this event wouldn’t have become successful. We decided to visit an old age home on 10th of October. We also performed a short dance and sang a song “के भन्ने हाम्रो समय …..”.We had a lot of meetings and practices.I still remember Ms.Kabita Collecting all of us during the lunch break for practice.

Akshyata, Metta, Lazana, and a few others and I served lunch to the elderly. After the meal, we took a brief stroll and arrived at a park where we had our lunch and played for a bit. Soon after, we presented them with the gifts we had bought and handed them over. The owner of the Aashram expressed gratitude and shared some inspirational words about the ashram. Following that, we played a song and invited them to dance with us. The joy and happiness they showed were truly priceless.

One of the elderly people could speak my mother tongue. After talking to her I felt I was talking to my own grandmother. I really had a heavenly feeling on that day. Indeed an unforgettable one!

-Tasang Tamang 


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