Sports Week

-An Overview

The sports week is a series of different games and sports between the houses that supposedly goes on for about a week and ends in a final day where the points are calculated and the winner is decided. There are 4 houses in my school, they are Blue house, Red house, Yellow house, and Green house.

First day on sports day was exciting. All the students were thrilled to get up and move with many looking forward to the main games like football, basketball and the various other activities. And  later around midday the teachers had called all the students to assemble in the basketball court. All students were divided into their respective houses into 4 lines each, height wise. 

In the first three days or so all we did was drills and march our way around the school. I was asserted in the back but our line had become so elongated that there was no further space for the people in the far back so we broke up the boys line and put the remaining into the girls line to equal them out. Other than that and the hot sun, these three days went pretty smoothly. Then started the games. First were the football games of juniors and seniors next. There were also basketball games along with various other fun activities for preschoolers. Since this year I was a senior we were placed with the seniors. I played a bit for the red house basketball team and was placed as a substitute for football.  We still continued to do drills along with the games and most study periods were held off. There was music playing in the speakers, with even commentary in some of the games done by the senior students. After finals of football and basketball we were wrapping up the sports week with only the final day left. The final was out of the school and parents were also invited. It was held in the armed police force stadium at Halchowk. 

After we reached the stadium, we were assigned and placed into sections separated by house color. Once the parents had arrived, at around 10:00 am the program started. We formed lines at the designated spots in the ground  and started doing drills in sync with the playing music. Then we proceeded towards the track and marched our way around the stadium grounds. After that we sat back down at the audience witness area and the games had started. First the games were of preschoolers, They had various fun activities like spoon and marble, and balloon poping that brought back nostalgic memories of back then. It was exciting and everyone was cheering for their own house. Then we proceeded further to the juniors, where there were races like sack race and skip race along with normal 50 meter race. After a few more races it felt like either yellow or the blue house would win with last year’s winner, team green at third and my team red at last once again.Then we went over to the middle school side where the hundred meter race and the skipping race were held.

Then finally we had our lunch breaks. The parents were instructed to head towards the diner hall to have their meals. And the students were given their meals at their own places. But me and my friends came late and they ran out of the non-veg fried rice, so we waited for a bit longer and finally got our food which made us feel refreshed and energetic.

Then it was our turn to participate in the 100m race. Sadly I couldn’t get in 1st, 2nd or 3rd position.

Then we watched more games and the main races and activities were over. Then we had snacks and thus started the prize distribution.

Our school’s director and principal came forward for the prize distribution and called out each participant for their medals.

Then the final scores and other titles were announced…

Green won 🙁

Shivan Raj Gurung                                                  

Grade 7

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