Trip To Snehi Kakha

On 10th Nov, Thursday it was decided that grade six will be going on an educational trip to Snehi Kakha, Lalitpur. Snehi Kakha is a non-profit organization rehabilitation center and a shelter that provides a home and proper help for the people in need. Adhyayan School planned for us to visit Snehi Kakha and learn about it. I think it was a smart decision for Adhyayan school to help us realize our social responsibilities as a member of our Nepalese society. This trip opened my eyes and helped me see how there might be so many people suffering out there because of other cruel people and how we can change this situation. I remember my teacher once told me that even when only one individual works and dreams hard enough, they can change the world slowly. I thought “Maybe I can not understand that because I’m young” but after this heart touching visit, I right then and there understood exactly what my wise teacher had stated. The class estimated that it was about a 40 minutes drive from Adhyayan to Snehi Kakha. I could not wait to meet everyone and learn about their hardships in life and how they surpassed them. As soon as we arrived we got to see the adorable faces of children that had been living in the Snehi Kakha shelter ever since birth. We soon learnt about everything the Snehi Kakha does to help people with certain problems, disorders, disabilities, etc. We went on a walk around the place. We were greeted with many smiling faces and we greeted them with a smile back. I could see that the founder had worked really hard to create the great Snehi Kakha that it is today. I was so grateful and proud that such kind and genius individuals are there in  our country and have helped so many people. After listening to their stories, I can’t imagine what condition these people’s lives would’ve been  right now if it weren’t for Snehi Kakha. I could see they were really happy in Snehi Kakha and I was happy for them too. We spent time with the children and the adults and we were having so much fun. We gave them chocolates and books to read. Each of us even donated some amount of money, which was collected and handed over to  support  Snehi Kakha. I’m sure it’s a place like heaven that its founder; an angel took them to. Once again, I am grateful and proud to have such a person and such a place in my country, Nepal.

– Shreesha Nakarmi

Grade 6

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