Inter-House Quiz Competition

An Inter-house quiz contest was organized by Adhyayan school on Nov 9, 2022 (Kartik 23, 2079). The main purpose of this contest was to test the IQ knowledge of the students. 4 houses participated and the contest was divided into two parts, senior and junior. Each house had 3 participants each, both in senior and junior. Grade 4,5 and 6 were participants from juniors and grade 7,8 and 9 were participants from seniors. Students who participated from grade 4, 5, and 6 were:-  Simon Acharya, Apish Thapa Magar and Abhinav from  Green House respectively. Elvin Ranjt, Bihani Rana and Sojal Dhakal from Yellow House respectively. Riyan Bista, Arya Tiwari and Princess Gurung from Blue House respectively. Ayan Poudel, Titiksha Das and Shreeyun Acharya from Red House respectively.

There were five rounds played in total during the contest. They were:- Round-1 National and current affairs round. Round-2 Miscellaneous round. Round-3 Gamble round. Round-4 Audio and Visual round and round-5 rapid fire round. The first round was the national and current affairs round where the teams were given to pick a number from 1 to 20 and the questions were asked accordingly. The number chosen once was not allowed to be chosen again. Each team was asked 5 questions about our country and the current affairs around the world. Next was the miscellaneous round.The team were asked questions from the course book of grade 4, 5, and 6. This time  the teams were given to pick a number from 1 to 28 with the same rule as the first round. Then there was the gamble round. The questions were brain teasers and the questions were for all four houses. Whoever raised their hand first, got an opportunity to answer the question, but if that team got the answer wrong, they lost 20 points. The fourth round was an audio and visual round. In the first part of this round the teams were given a few pictures to look at and they had to identify who it was. In the second part the teams had to identify the person by their voice. And  the last round was the rapid fire round. In this  round the leader of  each team had to choose an alphabet from a to d. Depending on the letter the team chose the questions would be asked from that set.The teams only had 90 seconds to answer the questions given to them.

As the end of the contest was approaching, the rapid fire round  changed the scoreboard almost entirely. Before the rapid fire round started, Blue house was in 3rd place whereas Yellow House and Green House were tied for 2nd place and Red House was in first place.After the rapid fire round Green house and Yellow House were still tied but for 3rd position and Blue House came second whereas Red house finished 1st.Meanwhile on the seniors side Green House finished last and Yellow house Finished 3rd whereas Red house came 2nd and Blue House  came first. Overall it was a day to remember.

Shreeyun Acharya


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