Recalling the time of my first dance

The memory of one’s first dance can be a significant moment in their life, well the first time I danced was probably when I was in kindergarten, marking the beginning of a lifelong love for dancing or simply a happy memory to look back on. It was then when we as preschoolers were participating in a dance competition, so we were doing a dance rehearsal. I certainly wasn’t good at it as I remember my teacher scolding me because I wasn’t paying attention and getting all the dance steps wrong.

I don’t know if we won the competition or not but seeing a big smile on my teacher’s face after we had completed the dance was one of the happiest days of my life. This is how the journey of my love towards dance has begun and now with pride, I  can say I am indeed one of the best dancers at Adhyayan.

– Sujal Man Shrestha

Grade 9

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