Our Experience on River Project

As we grow older, we acquire responsibilities, duties, and tasks having said that, being a 10th Grader, life becomes more hectic, leaving us with little time for play or fun. We are mostly occupied with our studies. But thanks to the teachers who brought an exciting project for us called “River Side Project ”. We were informed that we were going to a place called ‘Jhor’ and studying the overall pattern, origination, culture, and civilization of the river.

5th of Ashar was the day we were taken there. We interviewed the inhabitants of that area and carried the questionnaire along with us. We received the opportunity to interview the Chair of the Ward and had an interaction regarding the problems, strategies to solve them, and a long-term plan for that civilizational development. It was a knowledgeable trip filled with adventure, fun, and excitement. We are now working on the first draft of the report writing based on the interview. We look forward to going there soon and continuing our project.

Samyam Rijal and Kritagya Shrestha ,10

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