Our Journey with Adhyayan!

With great power comes great responsibility, this quote is something that every leader takes to heart and implements. We feel honored to hold the positions of Adhyayan School captain, Vice-captain, and president of Adhyayan Child Club. Our relationship with Adhyayan dates back to the establishment of the school. We, as student leaders, will try our best to fulfill the duties and responsibilities with great pride and prestige. Though challenges and hurdles are on the way, we could tackle them with the guidance and support of the mentors.  Learning to become a leader and lead the members to the right path takes a lot of planning, discussing, and executing, which is indeed a tough job. Recently, we accomplished our first project of this year, which is celebrating Teachers Day with great enthusiasm. 

On the bright sunny day of Asar 18th, we could bring a bright smile to our teachers’ faces with our ‘surprise teachers day’ program. The Program, filled with songs, dances, heart-touching speeches, and poems, made the day memorable.  Working together, collecting funds, buying gifts, and endless hours of practice will be framed in our hearts.

Along with the happiness of being elected as students’ leader, having to spend less time at Adhyayan is a heartbreaking part. This is what has created a zeal in us to make our activities more memorable for the school and leave a positive impact.  We are leaders with goals to bring light to people and lead the school on the right path. We expect to have a great year with many more activities to be carried out by us!

Go, Adhyayan! 

-Bishwash Malla, School Captain and President of Adhyayan Child Club

-Anushiya Tuladhar, School Captain and Vice President of Adhyayan Child Club

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