My experience of participating in an inter-school futsal tournament

I went to school feeling excited and happy for my second futsal tournament. Before heading to the tournament, we had lunch. After enjoying our meal, my friends and I got into the van and took our seats. We were very nervous for the tournament because we were representing our school, ‘Adhyayan’. After reaching the Grande Sports Center, we sat down on the benches. We saw students from many other schools playing their games.

After watching them play, we got more nervous. Then we played our first game, which we sadly lost to Reliance School. After we played the first game, we saw a school named Mount Glory, whose coach seemed familiar to me. He was my old coach. After we saw them play and win 6-0 over a school, we congratulated them,  and after that, we saw our opponents play, and we got a little scared seeing their skills.

Then we played against Kathmandu Global School and got scared of their goalkeeper’s shot, but still, we tried our best to win, and we scored a goal, which I scored, but we sadly lost even though we tried our best. And the captain told us not to worry about that loss because success is followed by failure. We played our last match with Alpine School. Though we didn’t win, we had many experiences.

Palash Gurung,7

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