Maybe it would have been better if we just never met

Or if we had never shared those memories I could never forget

What if if everyone already hated me 

And u just tagged in a little late 

Maybe it’s me, I am the problem 

But I’m too tired to blame myself for them 

Maybe it wasn’t even my fault 

Maybe just wanted to see me hurt like a wound covered in salt

Maybe you planned everything behind my back 

And after then everyone started the attack 

To you our past has disappeared like wood when burned into ashes 

Honestly, I couldn’t see the real you enough though I had glasses 

You always said I was too lame 

But honestly I don’t whom to blame

They say it was my fault they didn’t see me in as someone similar

I at least hoped for them to see as someone familiar 

Maybe they felt I was too rough 

But all I ever wanted was to be enough 

Before I met you how would I have known you were danger 

Now when you try to talk to push us away as if we are strangers

Except this time with unforgettable memories 

And yet to be told stories

Sanwi Pradhan

Grade 8

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