This story happened to me in third grade I was weak in my studies so the teachers just gave up on me and I never learned to improve. Then my family moved to a new house so I transferred to Adhyayan school. Neither did I know this was gonna change my life. Believe it or not I never attempted  the exam in my life till then. It was tough for me, but my great teachers helped me out and guided me to where I belong.

Adhyayan really helped me improve and I’m writing this essay to thank Adhyayan for everything. My first day at Adhyayan was during the COVID-19 pandemic so I joined through online class . Even though we’re not face-to-face, I felt  like I was in a real classroom. It was fine and exciting to join the classes. Every day, until my first Terminal Examination I got nervous, and due to my anxiety I thought I would never be able to succeed, but my teachers proved me wrong. They encouraged me that I could do it and my parents encouraged me too. This way I passed and then soon physical school began.

I was excited to meet my teachers in person and make new friends from grade4. I was upgraded to grade 5 then 6. I’m very happy that I chose ADHYAYAN SCHOOL because it helped me find my dream. It helped me improve myself. I would like to thank my teachers and the entire Adhyayan family.


Bahrisha Shrestha

Grade 6

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