Importance of Maintaining Hygiene 

To live a healthy life physically, mentally, and socially, we should always maintain our personal hygiene. When we look clean, fresh, and smart, we also feel good from the inside. When we look physically smart and clean, other people can also have a good impression of us. We will be easily welcomed in any gathering when we look clean, smart, and healthy. We also receive love, care, and attention.

Care of our body

Keeping ourselves clean, trimming our hair on time, and taking showers regularly will also prevent skin irritations and remove bacteria from our bodies. And we are less prone to any diseases. 

Clean Food

Eating dirty and unhygienic food will lead us to suffer from diarrhea, typhoid, and many more diseases. So, we should always wash food before we cook or eat.

Wash hands and trim nails

Our dirty hands will carry a lot of germs and bacteria. So, we should always wash our hands with soap and water before we cook or eat food. And we should regularly trim our nails to stay away from germs and bacteria.

Clean Environment

Living in a dirty and untidy room, dirty house and dirty surroundings will have a very negative and poor impression on us. People living in such an environment will suffer from different kinds of physical and mental disorders. So, we should always keep our rooms, house and our surroundings neat and clean. 

Hence, to live a healthy life and to have a healthy growth and development of our body, we should always live in a healthy surroundings and eat healthy and hygienic food. 

-Sabal Sharma

Grade 5A

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