An important day to share with my diary!

Dear diary,

Today is August 24, 2023. First, I came to school, and our teachers told us today we were going to the ‘Nebico Biscuit Factory’. After that, we stood in line to get our lunch. Then we had our lunch. After a few minutes, we reached there. We wore caps so that our hair wouldn’t fall on the biscuits. Everyone was wearing caps and aprons inside the factory. The smell that came from inside was really beautiful and felt good. There were very big machines, and they were very hot. We looked at the cookie dough in the machine. We saw biscuit wrappers and biscuits on the elevator. After that, the machine wrapped the biscuits inside. After that, the biscuits were packed inside cartoon boxes and sent away in a truck. We had two kinds of biscuits.One is a normal biscuit, and the other is a butter cookie. They were very yummy. After finishing the biscuits, we made a line and got on the van. Then we went to school. We enjoyed our factory visit. Dear Diary, Good night for today!

Will Share more tomorrow!

-Avani Adhikari 

Grade 2 B

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