Experience on Election of House Captain

An election is a formal decision-making process by which a population chooses an individual to hold public office. Election was used as early in history as ancient Greece and ancient Rome and throughout the medieval period to select rulers. After the establishment of democracy, it has been a commonplace event everywhere. However, the voting rights have been enshrined to the adolescents and elders only.

As a child, I had never got opportunity to cast my vote to choose right representatives. But my school provided me an opportunity to have a voting experience. We have four houses viz. Blue, Yellow, Red and Green. On 20 May 2018, the Co-curricular Activities (CCA) department in our school held an election to choose the representatives of the respective houses. As I belong to red house, I got a chance to vote for my house captain.

I was participating in voting for the first time. I came to school well-dressed. During the assembly, the candidates climbed upto the stage and delivered their speech with their commitments and plans. Then, we were requested to line up in a queue according to our respective houses. The voting area was different for all the houses. I stood in a line with a great responsibility of choosing a right candidate which leads my house efficiently. Finally, after a long time, I got a chance and I went to the ballot box, thought for a second and chose the one whom I thought was the best.

It was my great pleasure to have such an experience. I would like to thank my school for providing this chance to me as well as all the students of Adhyayan family. Such an event contributes to prepare us for better and peaceful future and instills a civic sense among us.

  • Priya Panta, Grade 9
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