My Experience of on Oath Taking Ceremony

I am Sneha Bhujel studying in grade 10. I am also one of the captains of Adhyayan School.

Every year our school has been conducting oath taking ceremony. This year also our school conducted oath taking ceremony on 7thJestha, 2075 B.S. We prefects were selected by the voting system. All the students casted votes to their favorite leaders from which the prefects were selected. On the oath taking ceremony, all the prefects were given their respective batches. The principal, directors and whole Adhyayan family congratulated us. We prefects kept our right hands on our chests and vowed that we shall show respect and mutual understanding to every student and member of faculty uphold the name and valued traditions of school and strive for the academic excellence. We promised to make our school proud and will never bring disgrace to our school by any act of dishonesty or cowardice. We promised that we will protect the ideals and sacred things of the school both alone and many. We prefects felt really honoured and we all were happy. It was one of the best days in Adhyayan School.

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