The main objective of publishing this newsletter is to boost the academic interaction among teachers and students at school. It aims at sharing school activities to our parents as well as the students every month formally. It has latent function as well. The school management and teachers intend to impart the knowledge and skills related to publication among the students. Such a skill may be useful for the students in future. Therefore, it is a great pleasure for the students to take part in publishing the newsletter.

When we shared the goodwill of our school to all the colleagues, among all of us, 14 friends were interested to perform the role of editor. The teachers as facilitators suggested us to select two members as permanent editors so that it will be easier for coordinating; the collection, compilation and editing the matters for the newsletter. We readily accepted the suggestion and chose Sashi Basyal (Chairperson) and Soni Bhandari (Secretary) of Child Club as permanent editors for this year. As our primary goal is to encourage equal opportunity among all the editors, we agreed to select them all on rotation basis to develop publication skills in them. Lottery method was employed for their turn to work as editors. Shruti Gurung, Sisam Rai, and Sunita Baral were selected for working as editors for this month in a transparent manner. Rest of the students will be working as editors on rotation basis in the coming months respectively.

The publication is a product of team work of different members of school family. As it is our first step towards publication, we expect incessant support from all teachers. Majority of the matters are contributed by students because we prioritized students’ activities, the reason behind such priority is the value of school to ensure student participation.

This is the first effort of the student team. Therefore, there can be some glitches. We hope all parents, students and teachers will appreciate our hard work providing support and feedback to improve the quality of this Newsletter in future. Teacher

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