Exhibition on Sustainable City Held at Adhyayan

Adhyayan School organized different activities to mark the World Environment Day on 5th June, 2018. The department of science encouraged the students of Grade 9 and 10 to organize an exhibition on Sustainable Development. Having divided into 8 groups each group developed a model of a sustainable city. The models included a beautiful city, vacuum car which cleans the city as it moves ahead, air conditioner with the use of ice and many other projects. Students put a lot of effort to make this exhibition a great success. All the students and members of school observed different stalls prepared by them. Their hard work was appraised and appreciated by the entire school family. Giving hard times to the judges to decide the winners, the group led by Babisha Kandel along with her co-mates Priya Panta, Irran Tamang, Sandesh Parajuli, Suman Pariyar and Aayush Khadka grabbed the first position for the beautifully made Sustainable city.

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