Artificial Intelligence as a project in Design Thinking

I was excited when our topic, Artificial intelligence, was approved for the Design Thinking project, as it was something that always excited me. We had a great time working on the project. This is what I have prepared after conducting rigorous research and analyzing my findings on the topic.

Artificial Intelligence

All of us have seen robots in movies, cartoons, and tv shows like Terminator, Doctor Who, Star Wars, etc. This all has come to reality with The help of ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE!!

Artificial Intelligence is a new and hot topic in tech. There are many powerful AIs, like ChatGPT, DallE, Google AI, etc.  You might know what AI is, but you may not know how it works. AI works by using a process of machine learning, which is a vague term but is mainly done by feeding in data and the computer processing it. For example, if I want to create an AI that can differentiate between dogs and cats, I feed it many pictures of a dog and a cat so it knows what a cat looks like and what a dog looks like. It works like the human brain.

We see stuff, and we learn from it. Now, using this method and feeding petabytes of data, we get AIs like ChatGPT and Google AI. You might have also heard about algorithms like The TikTok algorithm or the Youtube algorithm, which work on the same principle as the other AIs, but this time the data comes from the user of the application himself. Let’s take an example: I watch three Pewdiepie videos, so now the algorithm knows that his channel is mainly about gaming, so now to make my experience better the algorithm starts giving me more and more gaming and Pewdiepie videos it’s the same as the other AIs, they get data, process it and know what’s right.

Let’s now discuss the application of AI. Well AI is a versatile tool as there are many types of it including Chat AIs, Paraphrasing AIs, Image generating AIs, etc. We have so far discussed the good side of AI but everything has a DARK SIDE. Many people use AI for wrong uses like using it to do homework and using it to copy their and there is a big problem. It can someday be more powerful than us but that’s the future.

Stay Safe!

Yubhaskar Baral Grade 8

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