Our Experience with Nirnaya Shrestha, NSK

Adhyayan Talks is a platform where students interact with different personalities from different fields. It’s a place where knowledge meets inspiration. We vividly remember this as the day when we got the opportunity to meet a famous personality, NIRNAYA SHRESTHA, known as NSK.

When we started to write the script for the show, it was about a famous personality that we had no clue about. We started researching him while listening to his songs. After completing the script, we gave it to our mentor, Ms.Farzana. Then she helped us with editing the script and approved it. After she completed the script, we started rehearsing it every chance we got. After hours and hours, day after day, the day finally came.

We were all ready, but suddenly my companion, Kritarth Basanta Pandit, had not arrived yet. After multiple minutes of waiting, he finally got into the block where the show was about to start. We started to apply the finishing touches to perfect our lines. The guest finally arrived, and shivers ran down our spines. But the guest made us very comfortable. He was really a very good person who had also been working in the field of education. We asked many questions, which he readily answered. Also, he presented his upcoming new rap to us. It was indeed an inspirational program.

Deeptya Osti and Kritartha Basanta Pandit, Grade 8

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