What I learned from the child club reformation program of Tokha Municipality

On the 8th of Falgun, 2080 our school organized a program in collaboration with Tokha Municipality where we were informed about the reformation of the Child Club. We were taught about life skills such as leadership, saving money, choosing a good career path, discipline, etc. The Ward officer of the 10th ward of Tokha Municipality where our school is located was also present along with some members of the ward. They started the program with a beautiful speech inspiring us and wishing us good luck for the program and upcoming days. After that, the trainers officially started the program.

This program helped me in more ways than I thought. I learned many means of discipline, how I could start saving money from that day, how my career could go if I did certain things how I could make my career one for the books, how I could be a good leader and a good role model towards other people younger than me or even the same age as me. The inspiring words of the trainers motivated me to work harder for my future and try my best to succeed in life. The trainers told us to write where we were on that day and where we would be 10 years later on the exact day. They told us to focus on our goals and keep our goals as our main priority.

At last the trainers and members of the municipality were kind enough to provide everyone with snacks and end the program. I hope that everyone present there was inspired by this program and I hope our school organizes more programs related to real-life skills which will have a positive effect on us in the real world.

Shreeyun Acharya ,VII

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