A Journal on ‘ A Trip to Ekadeshma Agro Farm’

It is a trip today. My mother packed my lunch and snacks. After a minute my van arrived then I went inside. I told my van sister and brother it was our trip to ‘Ekadeshma Agro Farm’ and what a great day it was! Oh! I was talking about our trip and we arrived at school at 8:50. When I went upstairs everyone was showing their food. And today was Ajala’s birthday. She distributed chocolates to us but she said she would not come to the trip because she was not feeling well. Ajala’s mom clicked a photo and they went home. After that, we went down and got inside the van.

After an hour we reached there. As soon as we entered the gate we got a long stick to walk. We walked for a few minutes we saw many ‘Shivalingas’ and some honey bees. We saw a beautiful house and its name was ‘Mul Ghar’. We reached up and saw cute rabbits and two scary dogs. We all sat on ‘sukul’ and rested for a while. After that, we got popcorn and butter with milk to eat. It was so delicious. We all were feeling hungry so we started to eat our lunch. After lunch, we were engaged in some activities. We were divided into three groups. One group made buttermilk, the second group made popcorn and the third group made Nepali paper. After that, we were taken to see through binoculars and telescopes. We enjoyed it too.

There was another section also which was called ‘Katha Ghar’ (कथा घर). There were so many old utensils. There was ‘jato’, ‘dhiki’, ‘halo’, ‘panighata’, ‘Khukuri’, ‘old money’, ‘black and white T.V’, ‘radio’ and lots of musical instruments. We went back to ‘Mul Ghar’ (मूल घर) and our friends played a game in which they had to find a key and a potato. Bodhi found the key and he got the prize which was pencils, chocolate, and fifty rupees. They sold the potatoes also and got 100 rupees. After that we didn’t have much time to eat the snacks so came back to school.

It was a fun day!

Arushi  Adhikari

Grade 2B

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