Utilizing Leisure Time

Outdoor activities are activities done in nature such as cycling, swimming, walking, running, etc. These all help us to improve our well-being. Out of all the outdoor activities, I enjoy watering the plants on the terrace of my house. There are different types of plants. There are 25 – 30 pots of plants. I always water them in the evening after finishing my homework or as a short break between my school works. As we are learning that water is important for the environment and survival of humans and nature, I am giving life to them. Also, I can see the progress in them. 

Watering the plants is increasing my time with nature. Spending time in nature is important for our well-being and environment. It makes our minds calm and fresh. It benefits both our mental and physical well-being.

We can connect to nature. Our mood brightens up instantly after seeing the beauty of nature. Nature heals, nature soothes, nature restores, and nature connects. Being in nature, we can understand nature better and make the environment better. My mom says that a person who loves nature is filled with love inside. So I feel I have a love for everyone.

Yuna Shrestha 

-Grade 4 B

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