Trip to Darjeeling

The exciting and the most awaited trip started at 2023/1/3 at 6:40 am and ended at 2023/1/7. It was organized by Adhyayan. There were 18 students and 3 teachers and 3 members from the Trek group who participated in the tour.

Day 1:

The trip began at 6:40 am, filled with excitement and anticipation. Although there was some initial commotion about hunger among the group, we soon enjoyed a light breakfast at 8 am, consisting of comforting milk tea and biscuits. As we journeyed on, some of us relaxed, either dozing off or engaging with our phones. Around 11 am, one of the teachers discovered how to adjust the seats for added comfort, enhancing our travel experience. Lunchtime brought us together again, around 12:20 to 12:30 pm, to savor a delicious Thakali set meal. Later, we had the opportunity to visit a war museum, where we gained insights into historical relics and the aftermath of war. By evening, we arrived at the Star Purwi Hotel around 7 pm, where we eagerly indulged in a satisfying dinner of Thakali set cuisine at 8 pm. Finally, we retired to our separate dormitories, filled with contentment and gratitude for the memorable experiences of the day.

Day 2:

After leaving our dorms, we enjoyed a hearty breakfast of bread and jam, along with chana and eggs, before setting off on our journey to Kanyam. Our first stop was the temple area, where some of us bought souvenirs and took notes about the temple’s history. We also purchased threads to tie around the fence as a symbol of our visit. Next, we visited a rock garden featuring charming wooden structures. Upon reaching Kanyam around 4 pm, we captured some breathtaking pictures and then headed to a viewpoint to witness the beautiful sunset. Returning to our hotel around 5 pm, we retired to our respective dorms. Later in the evening, we ventured outside to admire the night view and danced, creating joyful memories together.

Day 3

We began our day by rising at 7:30 am, feeling refreshed and ready for the adventures ahead. After enjoying a satisfying breakfast downstairs, we checked out of the hotel promptly at 8 am. By 9:57 am, we found ourselves at the foothills of Shree Antu Dada, where we embarked on a delightful nature walk for half an hour, soaking in the beauty of our surroundings. That day I realized how rich Nepal is in terms of natural resources.

At 1 pm, we ventured to a remote location for a delightful lunch, eagerly anticipating our upcoming journey to Darjeeling. Despite the wait for a jeep that felt like freezing in a refrigerator, we remained in high spirits, excited for the next leg of our trip.

Upon reaching our hotel at 3 pm in the Indian timezone, we wasted no time in exploring the vibrant marketplace. Taking a leisurely walk at 4 pm, we immersed ourselves in the bustling atmosphere and indulged in a quick but satisfying dinner to satiate our hunger.

Exiting the restaurant at 6 pm, we continued our exploration of the marketplace, eagerly browsing through various items and enjoying the lively ambiance. Returning to the hotel at 8 pm, we settled in for a delicious dinner, followed by a stroll upstairs to admire the enchanting night view. Finally, we retired for the night, filled with contentment and excitement for the experiences yet to come.

Day 4

At 7:30 am, we rose and enjoyed our breakfast before heading out to visit a zoo and the HMI Institute by 9:25 am. Spending two hours exploring, we absorbed the sights and sounds of these fascinating places. Later, we departed Darjeeling and savored our lunch near the border. Our next stop was a bustling marketplace in Illam at 4 pm, where we purchased ‘churpi’. Returning to our familiar hotel at 7 pm, we settled in before venturing out to a lovely night festival at Dharan. Here, we indulged in delicious ‘pork sekuwa’ and ‘juju dhou’, and got acquainted with the socio-economic aspect of the city, returning to the hotel by 8 pm.

As the evening progressed, we celebrated our tour guide’s birthday which overlapped with one of our classmates, Kritisha’s birthday. We celebrated both. And then we received a briefing from our coordinator about the plans for the following day. Wrapping up the day’s events, we retired to our rooms, savoring the anticipation of our final day on tour.

Day 5:

How fast these days had gone. At 6 am, we prepared ourselves and boarded the bus, not wanting to leave the enchanting journey, however, everything that starts has to come to an end. We headed directly to Kathmandu. Around 9 am, we enjoyed a light breakfast onboard. By noon, we reached Mullkot for lunch, followed by some spirited dancing inside the bus between 3 and 4 pm.

Finally, at 6:30 pm, we arrived back at the school and went our separate ways to our respective homes. That was an end to the everlasting memories created.

Pranav Maharjan

Grade: 8

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