My Best Day

Some days are really good, and some are not so good. But one day stands out as the best day ever for me. It was June 6, 2019, the day my little sister was born. On that special day, everyone in my family was bursting with happiness. My mom and grandma were so thrilled that they couldn’t stop smiling, and they even shed tears of joy. It was a moment filled with laughter and excitement.

When my sister finally arrived, I was over the moon with happiness. She was born with a birthmark near her chest, where the heart lies, which made her unique and special. Even though it might have been a little tough for her, she looked like a beautiful angel to me the moment she came into this world. As the evening approached, we all went back home, still basking in the joy of my sister’s arrival. But to my surprise, there was an extra special treat waiting for us. My uncle and his family, who live in the USA, came to visit us! It was an unexpected delight that made the day even more magical.

So, that’s why June 6, 2019, will always be remembered as my best day ever. It was filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable moments that I will cherish forever.

Ananya Bhurtel  

Grade : 2

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