Trip to Changu Narayan 

I reached school and saw my friends already there, waiting for me. We were heading to Changunarayan, and I was excited to go with my friends. We got on the bus, found our seats, and had a great time singing and having fun during the journey. The view was very beautiful out of the bus window. It took us nearly one and a half hours to reach there. When we got there, we took lots of pictures, and I was really happy. We went to the jungle, played around, and saw a big temple. After that, we went downhill using stairs and saw a river called ‘Shali’. We took more photos there, too.We observed some handmade paintings and roamed the market and store, taking a glance at the local products. We had a short trip, but a memorable one.

Nhyema Wangel Gurung

Grade: VII

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