The Loving Sisters

Once upon a time, two sisters loved each other dearly.Their names were Rita and Sita,and they were the best of friends.

One sunny day, Rita and Sita decided to go to the market together. They needed to buy some yummy fruits. Rita began picking out the fruits while Sita spotted some colorful toys that caught her eyes. Excitedly, she wanted to check them out. However, she noticed Rita was busy, so she decided to explore the toy section on her own. But when she turned around to ask Rita about the toys, she couldn’t find her sister anywhere! After a little while, Rita also realized that her sister was missing. Sita started feeling a bit scared, but she remembered that panicking wouldn’t help. She took a deep breath and gathered her courage. 

Then, she bravely approached a friendly man and asked for his help in finding her sister. Luckily, the man agreed to help them. Together, Sita and the kind man searched all around the market, looking for Rita. Finally, they spotted her! Sita rushed over to her sister, relieved to have found her, “Promise you won’t wander off again,” Rita said, hugging her tightly. Grateful for the man’s assistance, the sisters thanked him before happily making their way back home. They walked hand in hand, feeling safe and content.

Yuna Shrestha 

Grade 4 B

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