Teachers’ orientation 2076

The beginning of the session 2076 was marked with a very fruitful and achievable teachers’ orientation at Adhyayan Premises. The session began with full enthusiasm from 3rd of Baisakh and lasted till 6th of Baiskh 2076.
The introductory session was the very first event that had taken place where all the teachers introduced themselves. Mr. Sandeep Sharma, the principal of the school had put forward the vision , mission and the motto of Adhyayan school as a part of introductory session. The teachers were made aware about the concept, values and process of design thinking. The teachers also received the opportunities to become familiar with the Reggio Emilia approach, hour of code and the business partners of Adhyayan.
This session also paved a way for the teachers to know each other through the ‘Bingo’ game played under the leadership of Mr. Deepak Katuwal, Academic coordinator. He also made teachers aware about various norms, values and rules that the school will be following during the session.
A one day workshop under the leadership of Mr. Sharan Aryal, the director of Adhyayan Foundation, was an eye opening learning for the teachers as it dealt with the assessment and evaluation system along with various ideas to conduct the evaluation and assessment inside the classroom the session was not only knowledgeable and interactive but also carried a lot of excitement, games and discussion.
The launching of Adhyayan App was one of the major bring out of the session. The teachers were made familiar with the use of app and its functions.
The teachers’ orientation 2076 ended with a very good note of a being a GREAT teacher.

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