Parents’ Orientation 2076

Adhyayan School organized Parents’ Orientation 2076 from preschool to grade 10 on 11th of May, 2019. The session was inaugurated by the school Principal, Mr. Sandeep Sharma, with a short welcoming speech and a brief introduction about the mission and the vision of the school. The session was followed by Ms. Sujana Shakya’s presentation on what Reggio Emilia approach is and how is it different from other approaches.
During the same session various school values, rules and norms were discussed by the Academic coordinator, Mr. Deepak Katuwal. The orientation session was proved to be a boon for the parents as Mr. Sharan Aryal, the Director of Adhyayan Foundation, guided parents on how to incorporate child friendly teaching and learning practices along with attributes and etiquettes of being a good parent.
As Adhyayan believes in innovation, the session provided ample opportunities for the parents to innovate and explore the idea of Design Thinking and ‘hour of code’ under the leadership of Ms. Kamna Thapa. The parents were not only made aware about the philosophy of Design Thinking rather they also engulfed themselves in making the scratch game through coding.
The major highlights of the session were launching the school app and making them aware about its use and functions. Also a short interactive time slot had been allotted for the parents where they could discuss about their wards progress and various measures to achieve them.
All in the ‘Parents’ Orientation 2076’ was a huge success.

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