Teacher Training Held

Adhyayan School organized a ten day teacher training for new and old teachers during 18th and 29th of April, 2018. Though the team is from diverse background, experienced and enthusiastic, the purpose of the training was to bring all in same page through familiarizing them on the mission, values, motto and modus operandi of the school. On the opening day, Mr. Sandeep Sharma, the Principal, highlighted on design thinking, plans and policies of the school. Mr. Pramod Acharya, an expert on Human Resource Management, had oriented teachers on the HR Policy of the school. Mr. Sharan Aryal, Director of senior wing, trained teachers on Teachers’ Professional Development and child friendly teaching learning practices.

As the school has focused on the technology, experts had familiarized the teachers to use modern technology in order to make learning a fun. Mr. Amrit Thapa, an experienced teacher trainer from Rato Bangla School, had also inspired the teachers to employ innovative methods in teaching and planning for units and lessons. The experts from Karkhana had also encouraged the teachers to engage students by using different soft wares.

After taking part in training, the teachers were involved in planning for year, term, month, week and first day.

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