Ropain Day Celebration – Preschool

Nepal is well known for its cultural diversity and every year lots of different kinds of festivals are celebrated in our country. Among all these festivals we also celebrate the festival of monsoon season and when we think about monsoon season then we will definitely have a thought of Ashad, the third month of Bikram Sambat. Ashad also symbolizes the rain, mud, clouds and greenery. And on the 15th day of Ashad we celebrate ‘Ropain Day’, the day is celebrated to mark the beginning of rice planting season with the wish for good and high production. 

In 2062 B.S. The Nepal Government also announced Ashad 15 as ‘National Paddy Day’ (राष्ट्रिय धान दिवस) to encourage and respect the labor of farmers. According to the legend, it is said that Ashad 15 is celebrated as Ropain Mahotsav because King Suddhodana from the state of Tilaurakot, Kapilvastu started plowing the field with a golden plow and he planted seedlings of rice on this day. 

This festival is celebrated in different traditional ways in different parts of Nepal. According to a belief, if people plant rice and touch the wet mud at least once on this day, they would be healthy and never have to starve. During this day farmers invite their relatives, friends and neighbors and celebrate this festival with lots of happiness to getrid of the stress. They plow and plant rice in the field, play in the mud, splash mud at each other, sing and dance to the traditional folk songs or ashare jhyaure songs.

Ashad 15 or Ashadhe Pandra is also very famous for Dahi Chiura khane din (curd and beaten rice eating day). It is a tradition to consume the combination of dahi and chiura (Curd and beaten rice) along with fruits, delicious local cuisines, vegetables and pickles. Farmers eat curd and beaten rice on this day because it provides nutrition, strength and coolness and it also helps to restore energy of tired and worn out farmers who spend all day in mud and rain. And also there is a belief that farmers eat dahi chiura on this day because it ensures them good luck for their plantation. People other than farmers also celebrate this day by eating dahi chiura even if they don’t participate in the plantation. Every year Adhyayan School celebrates Ashad 15 by taking part in rice plantation and eating dahi chiura. This year because of the pandemic we could not visit the field and meet with farmers and get involved in rice plantation but all the children celebrated this day by eating Dahi Chiura at home. Children didn’t only celebrate this special day with their family but also they have involved us in their happiness by sharing these beautiful pictures of celebration.

There’s a strong belief that eating curd and beaten rice in Ashad 15 will bring good luck in that family and bring great fortune. Adhyayan preschool children have also continued and joined the century-old celebration and enjoyed eating curd and beaten rice meals with their family members. 

-Sanju Blon (Preschool Coordinator)

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