My Vintage Coin and Note Collection

One day while going through my Granny’s closet, I found many coins of King Birendra. I had heard many stories of past kings and queens. I got curious and  started collecting more vintage coins and notes. My grandmother gave me a coin from King Birendra’s coronation ceremony. This coin is very big in shape.

Some coins are made up of aluminum, some brass, copper, silver, etc. Some coins are round in shape and some have holes in them. Last year, in Deepawali, My father gave me three silver coins of the mohors of King Rajendra, King Surendra and King Prithvi Bir Bikram Singh. These are also the oldest coins in my collection. I have collected 31 vintage coins and 15 notes so far. I will continue adding more to my collection.

– Adwitya Acharya (Grade 3C)

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