Recycling Competition for World Environment Day (2021)

Happy world environment day to you all. On June 6, 2021, Adhyayan School held a Recycling Competition for World Environment Day.

Firstly, I would like to thank all my teachers for giving me this opportunity to work and write on a project for World Environment day. When our social teacher Kabita ma’am informed us about the competition I searched on youtube for recycling items and found the video of making a mobile stand and a pencil holder. I liked the idea for my project work and named it Mobile Stand and Pencil Holder. 

Now I am going to tell you how I made it. First I took 8*8 cm paper and rolled it. I made 24 rolls of paper and divided it into 3 parts and stuck it. Then I made 42 rolls of paper and divided them into 2 parts and stuck them. After this, I stick the second and first papers together. Then I started making the lower part. For the lower part, I took 6.5*6.5 cm paper and made 17 rolls of paper for both right, left, and backsides. For the backside, I used 21 rolls of paper. Then I cut the cover of the book and stuck it on the lower part. I started making a rack. For the rack, I used smaller cardboard than the lower part of my project. I took 15*15 cm paper and made 6 rolls of paper for, right, left and backside. Then I used 17*`17 cm paper and made 7 rolls of paper and I stuck it all together. In the end, I painted all my work with transparent glitter color. My final project was ready.

My mother helped me to roll the papers. I chose this project because it is very helpful in my online class. I can keep my things in it. 

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy.

Tenisha Shrestha – Grade 4

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