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“The beautiful thing about learning is that nobody can take it away from you.”

Learning is ever important. Likewise, children must keep learning. It helps them to be exposed to different things. Also, it helps them to tackle problems in life.

But the scenario is different now. Children cannot go to school. This is because of the pandemic that the whole world is facing right now. Online learning is now a fundamental part of every school’s teaching methodology. In the meantime, students are away from school. Online teaching has helped students and teachers to connect virtually. It has ensured continued learning. This is great, isn’t it?

Some of you might think that learning through online platforms will not be as effective as physical learning at school back then. Actually, learning online has its own perks, enhancing the learning experience of students in many ways.

Advantages of Online Learning

Teaching and learning remotely can be as effective as going to school. No matter what, being able to learn in your own comfortable space is bliss. 

Make sure your child is not being distracted. You can provide a personal space for them and separate time for their study and other activities.

Online learning materials will help you save expenses on textbooks and copies. It helps to reduce not only your financial cost but saves your time as well. It saves time on traveling back and forth to school to easy submission of assignments online.

Online courses develop life-long learning. Students can always have access to learning resources online. They can also ask questions and follow up with ease. On this note, you and your child can develop the skill to search for information. Then. to deep dive into the subject as well.

Learning remotely through an online platform provides students with the flexibility to study. It also helps them improve on a more personal level. Due to this, their learning experience is enhanced.

Bringing the Best out of Online Learning

How can students get the most from their online classes? It is time that the students incorporate some changes into their daily lives, as distant learning is here to stay for a longer time period.

Small things can make a big difference in making online classes impactful. Here are some tips to make your child’s online learning experience better:

  • Facilitate open communication – the interaction between teachers and students.
  • Taking notes – about everything that the student learns.
  • Accessibility to learning materials – do not hold back when asking for the required materials.
  • Setting a clear goal for study – keep track of your child’s academic progress.
  • Set up a time and space for studying – also get rid of distractions.

Role of the Teachers in Online Learning

On the other hand, the teacher should focus on providing complete learning resources to students. focus on providing complete learning resources to students. Then focus on individualized teaching and learning. This helps students grow on a personal level.

They should provide a structured curriculum for their students to follow. For the best of their students, teachers should connect with them from time to time.

Role of the Parents in Online Learning

As a parent, you also have a major role to play as well. So, how can you impact your child’s learning? You can help your child develop a positive attitude toward learning online. Be there for your child and prevent him/her from skipping any classes.

Likewise, technologies can be difficult to use and understand. But don’t hold back because of the very reason. You can connect with teachers, school administrators, or any other skilled personnel. For instance, you can ask a teacher about using an application for attending the online class.

Monitoring any activities while studying and getting rid of distractions will ensure smooth learning and interaction. Involve in when your child is studying. Help with their homework or assignments, arrange necessary materials, and implement a routine for their study. This will help you and your child to be effective during this current learning space.

At the end of the day, all you need to do is be there for your child. Your interaction and support are necessary. This will help in achievement and encouragement in their learning process.

Interactive Online Learning at Adhyayan  

Adhyayan School is the first design thinking and technology-focused school in Nepal.  With this approach, the school fosters real-life problem-solving skills with technical expertise in the students.

Adhyayan school has been widely using technological platforms to deliver online studying programs to our students to ensure continuous learning.

At times like this, remote learning is the only option for us. We, at Adhyayan, have been running online classes smoothly since the beginning of Baishakh (regular academic session).

How are we making online classes at Adhyayan effective?

Our online classes are running successfully and are equally impactful too. We have been enhancing the learning experience among our students through blended learning. So, blended learning uses technologies to enhance traditional learning.

We organize interactive workshops and events virtually. This helps students to be more interactive, feel connected and learn. These include but are not limited to, career guidance workshop, badge handover event, art classes. 

We encourage our students to be creative. Our students participate in different activities besides studying. This is also an important part of learning. Our goal is to make learning fun and fruitful.

Use of Google Education Suite

Adhyayan has been using Google Education Suite for the past 3 years. This facilitates interactive learning among our students. We are using Google Classroom for our learning/classroom management. And have been connecting with our students through live online classes using Google Meet.

The mission of Adhyayan School

It is really encouraging that our students can learn continuously. And that we have been able to support them in this learning process

Here at Adhyayan, we believe that students are most successful when their learning is personalized and are asked to use their knowledge to improve the world around them.

In the end, teaching and learning remotely is the only viable option in a difficult time like this. Teachers, parents, and students should all work collectively to ensure effective distant learning. After all, learning must continue.

Adhyayan is committed to providing the best learning experience to our students and building a path for their bright future. For more information about our online classes and our curriculum. email us at or call us at: +977 1 4989133 or +977 9823596841.

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