My Experience of Online class

When we talk about online classes, we remember the horrible pandemic. Adhyayan School conducted an online class recently to get us acquainted with technological advancement and prepare us for the worst. The experience of taking online classes was great because studying at home was comfortable and cozy. The parents were busy, so they went to their work, which helped us reduce distractions during the class. We were well versed in Google Classroom, and the teachers have been continuously working on making our accounts active so that we wouldn’t miss the fun of having class from home. We attended all the classes. It was fun, but we prefer physical school to online school because we can communicate with our friends more comfortably.                                                                    

We remember how excited we were for the virtual classes. It was not a totally different experience, the only difference was the physical presence. 

By: Tenisha Shrestha and Bihani Rana Magar (Grade 6)


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