Arrived at school with two plaited hair, some hair falling in front of my face,

When I saw Ms.Farzana on the stairs, giving me those glares,

I knew it was gonna be my nightmare.

She keeps calling my front hair ‘julfi’

Oh dear…!! Stop staring at me because it scares the hell out of me fully.

The next day I plaited my hair in two

Because I don’t want her to spread angry flu

Now I’m learning in grade eight

But I feel like I am in kindergarten because of my two plaited hair.

Oh dear…!! Who would tell her my hair isn’t affecting my studies

Oh, wait…!! She is so stubborn to talk about this topic.

When I plaited my hair in two with no ‘Julfi’ in front than she praised me

Looks like tying two ponies wasn’t so bad, but still, I feel so unfree. 

-Brinda Kalathoki

Grade 8

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