My Experience in Basketball Tournament

Asar 1, 2075

It was 1:00 PM. The tournament was about to start. We were practicing for the opening match of the tournament which was between Red and Green House. We were competing against Green House. As the tournament begun, our team was leading but after the first quarter we started losing a lot of points. Sadly, we were waiting for the next week for our next two games.


Asar 8, 2075

We had a game with Yellow House and Blue House that day. We had practiced a lot. The opportunity was right in front of us. It was Yellow House v/s Red House. We played our best that day. We tried a lot and in every quarter we were in lead. Finally, we won the match. We watched the game of Green and Blue House with lots of excitement to know with whom we will be competing. It was Blue house we needed to compete with. We tried our best but we could not win them. We were happy that we tried our best and gave the best performance. The entire day was filled with excitement.

– Adarsha Poudel, Grade 10

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