My Dream

Miss Nepal 2019
Oh!……..My heart is pounding. I had never been nervous like this. Oh! God my fingers are crossed, will I get to top 5 or not? This was the stage that I have travelled innumerable times in my dream but being on this stage is more shivering than I thought.
It was the stage of Miss Nepal 2019. I was keenly waiting for the host to announce my name among top 5. Four names had already been announced. One contestant’s name was yet to be announced and I wanted that name to be mine. Then the host announced
The finalist is ……
Contestant number 10 …….. Menuka Magar
What a relief it was! I waved my hand and move forward to join my fellow finalist. I had a small smile in my face but my joy had no limits. I felt like dancing on the stage but I knew I couldn’t. Then here was tough round. It was question answer round. The host asked me,” What would you do if you are made Prime Minister of Nepal for a single day?”
I immediately answer the question. I was not afraid whether I had given right or wrong answer. I answered what I believed.
It was time for the final result. The host announced almost all the title. What left was Miss World Nepal 2019.
We hold each other’s hand tightly. I closed my eyes and started praying the god. My heart was pounding so fast that as if it was going to come out. Finally the host announced
Miss World Nepal is contestant number 10 Miss Menuka Magar.
Then my dream came true. I was not able to utter a single word. And Miss world Nepal 2018 came to crown me. Suddenly I heard a sound,” Menuka get up. You will get late for your extra classes.” Then I knew it was my dream. I hope this dream will come true one day.

Menuka Pulami Magar
Grade: X

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