Mine Craft

Minecraft is a game which was made by a company named Mojang . It was made in the year 2009. The creator of this game was Notch . 

 Minecraft is a game where the player survives by mining and crafting many things and also by building a shelter where you can live safe from monsters. Ah monsters! Monsters in this game are very unique. There are 2 types of monsters in this game: Passive and Hostile. The passive are the mobs that do not attack you. Hostile mobs are mobs the hostile mobs attack you and some of them don’t attack you until you attack them. The most iconic mob of minecraft is the creeper it explodes when you get close to it . Fun fact: The creeper was created by a bug in the modeling. The creeper was supposed to be a pig but the creeper got so much love that they decided not to get rid of it.

Now for the mechanics of the game . In the game there are three modes Survival, Hardcore, and Creative. But we are going to focus more on survival mode. You start out with nothing, but the first thing you do is punch a tree and get some wood . After you get some wood you make a crafting table and some sticks and save some wood and make a pickaxe . Now you find some stone near you if you don’t see any, dig down and you are sure to find some. This is the most efficient way of starting out a new world .

– Yubhaskar Baral (Grade VI)

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