Math Marathon

After the school reopened physically, I was expecting a lot of postponed events to happen. I was hoping the event to be a Sports event but the teachers went as per the calendar. The first event that was conducted was Maths Marathon 2078 on 1st Mangsir, Wednesday which was scheduled for 30th Kartik, 2078 (the school shut down physically because of the strike though we had virtual classes).

Our Maths Teacher had already informed us about the format and we were asked to prepare accordingly. We were divided into groups. Each group had a set of questions and we needed to solve them within five minutes. I was very nervous in the beginning but I did an amazing job and scored good points. Our team got selected and now the competition was amongst ourselves. I was happy but again nervous because now I had to solve everything alone. I did my best but sadly couldn’t secure any position. 

I learned a lot from this competition. I got the confidence to participate and do well fighting against my nervousness. I am looking forward to participating in many more competitions that will be conducted by my teachers on various occasions.

Sanwi Pradhan

Grade VII



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