It was Ms. Farzana’s class. We had a discussion on laughter. An activity we did every moment but never thought of from the perspective of origination. After she provoked us, we did a bit of research on the origin of laughter and its types. While writing this, I am smiling because the classroom scenario was really laughable. Everybody has a different and unique way of laughing. Laughing is a way to express our emotions. People express their happy moments by laughing. Well, many people say laughing is good for our health. 

Laughing was not invented at a particular time. People used to laugh because they were happy. Laughter is the way to express joy, which is a natural phenomenon. Laughter may vary from person to person and also according to the situation. Well, talking about its type, one of them is silent laughter, which means your face looks like you are laughing but you don’t produce any sound. Another one is genuine laughter, which is normal laughter. Next is giggling, which does not produce much sound. And most of it is loud laughter, which expresses a lot of happiness. 

The Laughter of a person depends on the mood or situation. Laughing is very important in one’s life to express their feelings. Therefore, no matter how loud or silent your laugh is, keep laughing!

-Arya Tiwari, Grade 6

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