Journal about celebrating “Children’s Day” in the school

14th September 2022


Today is Children’s Day. I woke up early in the morning, ate my breakfast, got ready for school, and then went to school with my mother. She dropped me off, and I went to my classroom after all my friends had arrived. Our teachers wished us a very happy Children’s Day, and our teachers asked us to make drawings and paper crafts related to Children’s Day. After some time, we could even read storybooks. Our teachers surprised us with a show where they danced and sang for us. Our teachers also gave us tasty cupcakes to eat while we watched the show. After the show, my friends and I went to have our lunch. We had rice with chicken for lunch. Our teachers told us about our homework, which was to write a journal about today. After some time, we went to have snacks, which were biscuits with milk. After having snacks, we returned to our class and continued with our crafts. I finished making my paper planes, frogs, and a paper gun by the end of the school day. Finally, it was time to go home. Our teachers took me and my friends outside the classroom, where our parents came to pick us up. I waited for my mom to come pick me up, and I went home with her when she came. We did not study the whole day and just had fun; it was the best day ever. 

Name: Adhyayan Kandel

Roll no.: 8

Grade: 2B

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